Charlie Parker’s

Late Night Bar
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Charlie Parker’s, recreated in homage to the infamous Glasgow institution, plays host to live music, pianists and late night drinks so you can enjoy sipping on one of our fabulous cocktails.

Following their gig at Summer Sessions, Charlie Parker’s hosted The Kings of Leon for exclusive drinks. The bar regularly hosts local musicians, The De Capo Daughters.

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Peter Lavery Gallery

Peter Lavery was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, in 1948. Having studied photography at Liverpool and Leeds Colleges of Art, he completed his MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art, London, in 1972. His work has won major British and international awards and he now spends most of his time at his farm and studio near Malmesbury in Wiltshire.

Since 1975, Lavery’s work has appeared in the colour supplements of The Times, The Telegraph, The Observer and The Independent. As his portraits show, his aim is not sociological documentation, but the production of an artistic object: The Photograph.

Printed in Silver and platinum, Lavery’s images are, as critic Robin Muir writes in his forward, ‘rendolent with understated echoes of the past taken by one who knows his photographic history better than any of his peers and is generous about revealing and exploring it.’

As a photographer, Lavery is exacting and demanding with himself. A major concern is to keep himself out of the work so as to capture the simple, essential human character of his sitters. He likes to photograph his subjects as close to their surroundings as possible, using as a backdrop a simple black cloth – a device, Lavery points out, ‘as old as photography itself’.

Peter Lavery has published a number of stunning books, including ‘Of Humankind’ and ‘Circus Work’ featuring his breathtaking photography. Many of these images grace the walls of the Peter Lavery Gallery in Charlie Parkers.

The idea ‘OF HUMANKIND’ was conceived in 1988, when a project concerning the Brazilian rain forests took Peter Lavery to the remote Yawalapiti tribe of the upper Xingu River.

Over the years, Lavery’s photographic work has taken him to every corner of the globe. During this time, he set aside time to make portraits for himself of people he met in his travels who interested his not as ‘types’, but as individuals. The result of this passion is the work presented in ‘OF HUMANKIND’, a compelling book that contains, among others, Japanese geisha and Xingu tribesmen, Australian cowboys and indigenous Greenlanders, New Guinea warriors and Masai herdsmen.

Of Lavery’s previous book ‘CIRCUS WORK’ (1997), the late Bruce Bernard, former Picture Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine, noted that the pictures ‘show Peter Lavery to be a photographer of the first rank in his human and pictorial perception and his undoubted technical skill’.

‘It would take a really great photographer, perhaps an Andre Kertez,’ Bernard once told The Independent, ‘to equal or surpass what Lavery has done.’

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