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Whenever, wherever...

The Daily record, 20/12/2010


Superstar Shakira was so determined to ensure her Scottish show went ahead despite the snow that she turned up a day early.

The Columbian singer arrived in Glasgow 24 hours ahead of her gig to beat delays caused by severe weather conditions.

She then kept warm partying with her friends at a local club. The Whenever, Wherever singer, known as Shaki by pals, had a day off before her show at Glasgow's SECC last night. So she decided to play it safe by arriving on Saturday with plenty of time to spare.

An insider said: "She was determined not to let her fans down. There had been lots of problems due to snow and ice, so she wanted to make sure she would make it no matter what."

After checking into the plush Radisson Hotel in the city center, Shakira and her entourage hung out in the hotel to watch the Barcelona game. Following the team's 5-1 victory over Espanyol, they decided to head out in the town to experience the local nightlife. Her managemnet called up the newly revamped Corinthian Club, which recently played host to P Diddy's after party, and asked for a special room to be set aside.

Shortly after midnight, Shakira and half a dozen of her crew were picked up by a people carrier and black Audi to be taken to the stylist venue. But after the people drove off, Shakira spent another 45 minutes on the phone in her chauffeur-driven car, leaving her entourage shivering in the freezing cold outside the venue.

When she eventually made it into the lavish building, the star - who is normally keen to peel off her clothes during performances - kept herself wrapped up in jeans, boots and a grey hooded waterproof jacket.

An insider said "She kept her jacket on with the hood up the whole time. She didnt look like the glamorous star you see on stage. She appeared to be very down to earth."

Her band enjoyed a drink in a private area of teh venue's Charlie Parkers lounge, but the health - concious singer refrained from even having a soft drink. About 20 minutes later, Shakira asked to be shown the club's downstairs area, where she kept her hood up and danced to house music for 5 minutes. After that, she and her entourage said their goodbyes.

Venue director Micheal Bergson said " We were pretty blown away when Shakira came in. She was very understated and no one noticed who she was. She was just hanging out with her band and had no big bodyguards with her".